Title: The Heart Whisperer
Author: Hosain Mosavat
Publisher: XlibrisUS
ISBN: 978-1-4931-6449-3
Pages: 200
Genre: Poetry
Reviewed by: Allison Walker


Pacific Book Review

A whisperer is a person with an uncanny ability to speak a language no else seems to hear. In his collection, The Heart Whisperer, poet Hosain Mosavat speaks directly to the hearts of his readers, a yearning in our spirits we hadn’t heard until Mosavat showed us it was there.

Mosavat’s The Heart Whisperer is a collection of poems inspired by his wife, whom by the author’s own admission is, “the owner of my heart…all that I am proud of…the only companion…is Judy.” Judy is not just the author’s heart, his pride and his companion, but also his muse. The poems she inspires are a series of short, sweet love stories
unto themselves.

In his collection, Mosavat celebrates the natural world and challenges readers to be kind to each other. His poems are not so much about love as obtaining a oneness with the ocean, the moon, the rose and the birds, and being filled with a peace provided from and for the universe. To be so connected to one’s own spirit and so in love with one’s own heart, and to share that with others, is a noble calling and one in which Mosavat demonstrates a natural talent for.

The short, two-line poem “Love is a Spring breeze,” is an intense example of the kind of imagery Mosavat can produce with his nature-based observations. Like most of his poems, “Love is a Spring breeze” is emotional and metaphorical, yet what stands out in this verse is the immediate and powerful image of the spring breeze; like you could right now in your chair, hold out your hand and feel love blow across your palm. Some of Mosavat’s longer poems lack this immediacy, they build slowly and languidly, finally hitting the reader with one or two profound lines.

The poems do not follow any strict form, rather the words flow into the reader, the same way light must have reflected from the ocean back into Mosavat’s eyes, or the fragrance from a rose was brought into his nostril, insistent and compelling, sometimes with a throbbing cadence or sometimes with earthy entropy. The Heart Whisperer is a celebration of the natural world and the emotional resonance this inspires within us. It’s a collection of poems about being in love and falling in love with oneself, others and the world around us. Mosavat’s talent as a poet is his unadulterated ability to capture these emotions in his words and speak directly to our hearts.