Poetry is considerably one of the most beautiful and artistic ways a person can express himself.  Persian poet-thinker Hosain Mosavat expresses himself in three masterfully written books of poetry that bring together a lifetime of work that touches the heart and soothes the soul of the reader.

“They say I am a gregarious author.  I say I am The Heart Whisperer begging to give you love and the instinct of presence in everyone you meet ~ and every now and then, a revelation.  The meaning of friends is reaching for rainbows, not just colors ~ for friends in love.  The most sacred conversation that takes place between lovers is without words ~ in absolute naked beauty.”

“The vision of my mother has never left me.  And on many occasions when I am in deep depression, she comes and visits me as a teardrop.  If I Hold You in My Teardrop is an expression of that preciousness.”

Come…Sit in My Heart is an invitation of closeness, deep friendship and permanence.  It is a presence that is the destiny of our lives ~ to be present in every heart.”

It’s All About Love shares a collection of poetry that speaks about love, and shows you how it is and should be the center of your life.

The Mosaic of My Life (Black & White Version) will help you to understand the man behind his poetry.