The Heart Whisperer

Meet me after midnight
when everyone has gone
and quietness has spread its wings over the night
I will be waiting in the shadow of the night
with a candle lit to guide you in

When you arrive
we’ll sit around the candle
Then I will put out the flame
Thereafter we shall use the light
that is emitted from your face
aimed at my heart

Our conversation will be short
but it will take all night to complete
Then I will light up the candle once again
to guide you out of the dark
and you can return back home

The secret of our conversation
shall be preserved in our hearts
None will be told
But wherever we go
our secret will reveal itself
by emitting light, love and acceptance
No words could explain
Our secret shall become the sacred
to pass along for the next ones
and the next ones


from where joy is made
as though pearls are rolling off your face
Be sad
only if you didn’t love enough


A morning breeze came to visit
My heart was out the door before me
When this trio got together
morning breeze, my heart and me
It was heaven on earth

Soon after
the sun rose to give us light and warmth
Only then
I realized how hungry I was
to see love pouring out of me
No more sickness or danger could touch me

Gather around
I have something to share


Let us pour our hearts into a keg
Where we can blend with each other
to brew wine
and to make a general amnesty
to all who get intoxicated with this wine

What harm would it do
if a drunken heart takes over the world
and says ‘You’re all free’

Everyone should drink from the same keg
to become bewildered in love

Follow no direction except
the oneness
that tastes no taste but love

Let us brew such wine
by standing for peace
and saying ‘I love you’
And together saying ‘We love us’


If I Hold You in My Teardrop

Speak to me from the heart
How else can I get close to you?

Sing me songs from faraway distances
so I could travel with peace and understanding
Touch me like you touch a musical instrument
so I could be in tune with the music of life
Bring me wine made out of tears
so I could taste the loneliness
of the ones left behind
Bring me a rose
so I could have a companion
to speak freely with


This music
has erupted me

This tear
has cleansed me

This fragrance
has taken me back to the time of roses

My breath has become fire
and yet it is soothing to my soul

No grave can engulf me now

I burn anything that comes near

Be aware
for I have become love


The Story of Motherhood

With your own hands
you carried me to where I am
With your lips
you whispered me to sleep
You helped me to my first walk
My first laughter
was at your face
My first word was ‘Mother’

I am so sorry
I was not with you to hear your last word
But that is okay now
I am playing the music you taught me years ago

My dear Mother
With your hands
you are still carrying me today


Don’t move too quickly
Be careful not to step on my teardrops

Don’t make a fist
You’re holding my heart in your hand

Whisper to me softly
I’ve never been that far away

My life story is so long
it will take a lifetime to tell
But it can be expressed in one wink
wrapped with a smile

Whatever I was, am and will be
is yours
just for asking

No more tears left
Take me

You shall never leave me again
For I have become the tapestry
that makes you, me and all the rest
The seed to eternity

Now let us ponder and shine on this


Come…Sit in My Heart

You have sat next to me long enough
Now is the time for you to come in
. . . and sit in my heart

The conversation
which is taking place between us
cannot be expressed in words
The stories
that are within us
can only be shared in silence

No one will hear us
No one will separate us again
We no longer need to seek safety
This is a state of belonging

So come in
. . . and sit in my heart


Like a flute
how can I sing
without the touch of your lips

Like a flute
I am lifeless
without your breath blowing through me

Like a flute
how can I change my tune
without the caressing of your fingers

Like love
how can I exist
without dissolving in you


I am like the cup of wine
which surrenders all that I contain
with the touch of your lips

I am like that pearl
which belongs to anyone
who opens my heart

I am that fallen tree
which will warm any heart
who puts a spark in me

I am that ray of light
that brings the vision of love
into your eyes

I am a beggar who begs to give you love

I am a Sufi


I have come from love
I have brought great news

I am bearing roses, fruits and shade trees
I have brought kisses from unimaginable distances
I have brought tears of the Beloved
to wash your feet clean
of any dust of the past
I have brought musical instruments
to put you to sleep at night
and awaken you in the morning
I have brought you food
that will give the taste of heaven

I have brought you breath
right out of the Beloved’s mouth

Let us hold hands
and dissolve into this brilliant moment

I have brought you


It’s All About Love

How do you capture an exploding firecracker
in the night sky?
How do you direct wild horses
coming from every angle?
How do you pick the most beautiful of the colorful flowers
spread over rolling hills on a Spring day?

It takes a loving heart
to gather a heart’s expression
to show it for all to experience
as a poetry reading
as a poetry book

I love Hosain
I love Hosain’s heart
And I love the vast and varied ways his heart shows itself

My heart is grateful for her life’s calling:
giving birth to the connection
between his vast poetic expressions
and the world who needs them


My Dear Wife –

I don’t know how I can express
your devotion
your love
your caring
It is priceless

I don’t even think the best God in the world
can express that
Thank you, Beautiful Creature

There is nothing like you in my life
And I am the gladdest to be around you
I love you
with the deepest love I can muster

And I thank you
and keep thanking you
to my last breath
Thank you for being my best friend



Love comes first
Without it
peace will never be achieved

Love comes first
Without it
the family of man will become extinct

Love comes first
Without it
no hope can exist

Love comes first
That is why you and I are friends

We need no more than that
Everything else will fall in line
and is possible
And no hate will ever take its hold
on any loving heart

Live to see that