Author Bio

“I, Hosain Mosavat, was born in Shiraz, Iran ~ the land of roses, poets and Shiraz wine.  I went to school in Tehran and graduated from High School there.  Two years before my graduation, the first Revolution in Iran began.  The violence was great.  The loss of many of my friends made me feel unwelcome in my own country without freedom.  My father decided to send me to America, where I stayed and became a citizen, finished my schooling, and then taught Physics and Math for 30 years.  During this time, I began to write poetry.  I had a son, made music as well as musical instruments, cooked extensively, was a gatherer of friends and made friends wherever I went and never lost sight of any of them.  I retired from teaching in 1993 and am now living in Whitmore Lake, MI.  When the time comes, I will be buried in a nearby Whitmore Lake graveyard.  Come and visit me with one of my books.   I will still have something to say beyond this life.  Connecting hearts will not die, will not be buried.  It is a forever relationship.  My friends, I will not be denied loving you.”